Five questions to help guide career choices

January 20, 2022

Careers often evolve during many years. How can you take control of your future so you can achieve your definition of success?

Harvard Business Review recommends asking yourself the following five questions.

  1. How fulfilled do I feel? This often is about whether you can express your values at work. Consider what is most important to you and ask: “On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the ideal, how well am I able to express this value in my job?”
  2. How am I learning and growing? Think about whether you are building expertise and what competencies you want to further develop in the year ahead.
  3. Am I headed toward a long-term goal? Step back to establish a broad vision that can help you pursue opportunities more proactively. Perhaps ask yourself: “What do I want in my (work) life in three to five years?”
  4. What seeds can I plant today that will benefit me tomorrow? Career success often is the culmination of small, regular actions.
  5. What relationships do I need to build to help me realize my vision? You cannot achieve success alone. Who are the people who can help you get there?

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