How can you best process feedback you receive?

June 23, 2022

Everyone receives feedback in the workplace, and it is important you can effectively process the feedback and act on it if necessary.

The way the feedback is delivered often is out of your control, but Harvard Business Review recommends ways you can absorb the feedback and make it work for you.

  • Begin the feedback session with a neutral mindset and little expectation so you will be a more open-minded listener.
  • Before responding to what you hear, take time to digest the input, allowing yourself to feel your emotions and investigate what is at the root of them. Negative reactions are normal, but don’t react right away.
  • Consider the motives and position of the person providing the feedback. Do you trust them and believe they genuinely want to help you? Keeping this in mind, think about how you will proceed and what changes—if any —you plan to make.
  • Occasionally, ask people you respect how they view your performance to ensure you are making the most of the feedback you have received and are on track.

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