How can your company navigate scheduling delays?

November 10, 2021

Many construction companies are facing delays caused by supply chain restrictions and materials and labor shortages, and contractors are scrambling to minimize effects on current projects and timelines, according to

Implementing best practices of construction management can help contractors and project managers put themselves and their work in better position to alleviate negative effects and achieve success.

Contractors and construction managers can help ease the effects of delays by implementing the following tips.

  1. Be proactive. Make a thorough record of current project progress before there is an event that causes a delay so project managers can delineate between progress achieved before the event versus after the effects were experienced. The snapshot comparison can help define the effects and better position the contractor to seek recovery for the cost and time increases.
  2. Think outside the box. Consider efficiency, feasibility and flexibility. Every construction project faces challenges. For some, it will be better to freeze work internally to preserve resources; others will need to proceed despite complications and disputes.
  3. Update and reevaluate the work plan and project schedule. Construction plans and progress should evolve during the project and be regularly reevaluated to ensure work can continue to stay on track as closely as possible.
  4. Trust but verify. Factoring in challenges such as cost increases, materials shortages and lack of skilled labor may require new plans for projects that leave room for greater flexibility. The most important goal—completing the work—will depend on being able to continue working while minimizing the effect such obstacles have on the overall project budget and duration. Be careful to ensure revised work plans do not merely shift the problem further into the future.

Delays do not have to completely derail a project; documentation and adaptability can be key to creating the best outcomes for everyone involved.

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