NRCA outperforms nonprofit average on social media

January 18, 2022

Recent data from social media management platform Sprout Social show NRCA consistently outperformed other nonprofits, as well as overall industries, on its social media platforms in 2021.

When compared with other nonprofits that use Sprout Social, NRCA’s total impressions in 2021 reached 6.3 million, which is 125% higher than the industry average of 2.8 million. NRCA also delivered more social media content with 4,700 posts in 2021, which is 262% higher than the industry average of 1,300 posts.

NRCA gained 3,300 social media followers in 2021—106% higher than the industry average of 1,600 followers. And NRCA’s followers were engaging; the association had 489,700 engagements on social media in 2021, which is 388% higher than the nonprofit industry average of 100,300.

NRCA also fared well when compared with the average from all industries in Sprout Social’s report, boasting 97% more impressions; 292% more content; 57% more new followers; and 311% more engagement.

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