NRCA's One Voice Initative

NRCA’s One Voice Initiative is a transformational approach to addressing the roofing industry’s most critical issues to and concerns—with One Voice—to secure its future.

NRCA launched its One Voice initiative to unite the roofing industry and speak with one voice about matters critical to the roofing industry’s continued success. NRCA believes the roofing industry has matured to the point where the views and concerns of contractors, manufacturers, distributors, consultants and all industry professional align with the vast majority of issues they face.

With your contributions and involvement, the roofing industry has a unique opportunity to address these issues effectively, and this only the beginning of what we can accomplish by working together. Help make a difference and become a One Voice Member Partner to help us unite the industry and speak with One Voice about matters critical to the success of the roofing industry.

For more information about NRCA’s One Voice initiative, please contact Alison LaValley, NRCA’s vice president of strategic partnerships and development at or (847) 493-7573.

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One Voice Initiative Issues
Workforce Workforce


Critical Issue: The industry faces workforce challenges that require collective efforts to address them effectively. With the support of One Voice members, NRCA will address the workforce shortage, create career paths for roofing workers, instill consumer confident, protect and education consumers, and enhance every industry segment.

Effecting Meaningful Change in D.C. Effecting Meaningful Change in D.C.

Effecting Meaningful Change in D.C.

Critical Issue: The roofing industry has a unique window of opportunity to effect meaningful change in Washington D.C.—and through NRCA’s One Voice initiative, NRCA is increasing the industry’s footprint and advocating on behalf of the entire industry.

Building Code and Insurance Building Code and Insurance

Building Code and Insurance

Critical Issue: NRCA’s One Voice Initiative allows NRCA to better address, represent and serve its members and all roofing professionals by collaborating with the building codes and insurance industries on matters of importance so we can develop positions and institute policies that will serve the best interests of the roofing industry.

Increasing Professionalism Increasing Professionalism

Increasing Professionalism

Critical Issue: NRCA’s One Voice initiative enables the entire roofing industry to collaborate and promote professionalism through education, information and outreach. As the industry shares stories of its vigorous charitable and philanthropic spirit, the industry also increases its visibility, builds credibility with customers and improves the industry’s image.


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