FEI Class 9 (2022)


Matthew Adler

J.L. Adler Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., Joliet, Ill.

Shaun Andrews

Phinney Industrial Roofing, Columbus, Ohio

Aaron Mark Antis

Antis Roofing & Waterproofing, Irvine, Calif.

John T. Barker

KPost Company, Dallas, Texas

Ben Cadle

Service Works Commercial Roofing Inc., Tampa, Fla.

Joe Chajkowski

The Roof Depot Inc., Alpharetta, Ga.

Brandon D. Dennis

Sutter Roofing, Sarasota, Fla.

Nick Fania

The Fania Roofing Company, Dover, N.J.

Kevin Filotto

Filotto Roofing Inc., Crest Hill, Ill.

Billy Guyette

Guyette Roofing and Construction, Montgomery, Ala.

Ryan J. Lauer

Front Range Roofing Systems LLC, Greeley, Colo.

Zachary Littleton

R&B Roofing LLC, Garland, Texas

Stacey Lytton

Horch Roofing Inc., Warren, Maine

Douglas J. Mackesty

Schefers Roofing Co., Grain Valley, Mo.

Ryan H. Malone

E. Cornell Malone Corporation, Jackson, Miss.

Jerry Pine

Pine Roofing Co. & Kedmont Waterproofing, Chicago, Ill.

Kyle L. Price

AAA Roofing Company Inc., Indianapolis, Ind.

Lincoln Register

Register Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.

John Scalo

Burns & Scalo Roofing, Pittsburg, Pa.

Peter F. Schenkel

C. L. Schust Co. Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind.

Andrew Strauser

Nations Roof, Springboro, Ohio

Stacey Lytton

Horch Roofing Inc., Warren, Maine

Jeremy Wohlfiel

Merit Contracting, Rochester, Minn.

Ashley N. Wood

Heidler Roofing Services Inc., Hagerstown, Md.

Michael Zieverink

Deer Park Roofing Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

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