CNA Insurance Company

The NRCA-sponsored CNA Roofing Contractor Business Insurance Program is available to roofing contractors to help them safeguard their businesses against property, liability, automobile and workers' compensation risks. Offered by Chicago-based CNA Insurance Cos., the insurance program is overseen by NRCA's Insurance Board of Governors, which is composed of six roofing contractors who are NRCA directors and officers.

NRCA and CNA have been partners for 43 years. The program's long-term success hinges on the ongoing dialogue between NRCA and CNA. NRCA's Insurance Board of Governors meets with CNA several times during the year to discuss problems and issues surrounding roofing contractors' insurance needs. These discussions have resulted in the development of several coverage enhancements that meet the unique needs of roofing workers, such as the CNA Contractors Errors and Omissions Policy, the Environmental Response Cost Reimbursement Endorsement and the Roofing Contractors Limited Pollution Worksites Endorsement.

For more information about the program or these endorsements, contact NRCA at (847) 299-9070.

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A list of frequently asked questions about the NRCA/CNA insurance program.


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