Certification Renewal

About ProCertification® Renewal

The ProCertification renewal process allows NRCA ProCertified® individuals to demonstrate continued professional development and their commitment to continuing education and professionalism. The renewal process is not only necessary to uphold the integrity and validity of ProCertification but also to validate certified installers and foremen continue to possess and display the knowledge, skills, abilities and professionalism that were demonstrated to earn their respective certifications.

Renewal for your ProCertification Roof Installer or Roofing Foreman certification is required every three years, and though you are responsible for keeping track of your certification expiration date, NRCA will help keep you on track by contacting you during your three-year cycle.

Getting started

Eligibility requirements

  • A certificant must hold a current NRCA ProCertification designation.
  • A certificant must have completed the required amount of system-specific experience and training hours within his or her three-year renewal cycle.
  • All renewal hours must be obtained on or before the attestation date.

Renewal Requirements

Every three years, ProCertified Installers and Foremen can renew their certifications by completing and documenting a designated number of hours of system-specific work experience along with technical and safety training.

ProCertified individuals who hold a certification in more than one system will need to complete and document system-specific work experience for each certification held. Technical and safety training hours may be used toward the renewal for multiple certifications if they were completed within three years of earning each certification. A separate renewal fee will be required for each certification.

Certification type Hours of system-specific experience Hours of technical training Hours of safety training
ProCertified Roof Installer 400 12 30
ProCertified Roofing Foreman 1500 12 30

Guidelines and Examples of Acceptable Training

  • For training hours to be eligible to use for renewal, they must have occurred during the three-year period of certification. For example, if the three-year certification cycle was from June 1, 2021, through June 30, 2024, training hours earned since June 1, 2021, could be used.
  • Training can take place in the classroom, hands-on, video-based or online formats. Other types of training may qualify.
  • A certificant should keep track of each training session attended by logging the date, title and hours of the activity. He or she should keep a folder of certificates or attendance letters to submit to NRCA in the event of an audit.
  • Certificants who successfully meet all program requirements will have their ProCertification renewed for the following three years.
  • Certificants who are not able to meet the program renewal requirements must take and pass the knowledge and performance exam to earn ProCertification.

Acceptable Training Providers

Training provided by manufacturers or distributors

  • New technologies for roofing materials, tools or equipment
  • System installation techniques
  • System design considerations
  • Product-specific safety considerations

Training provided by a roofing contractor

  • New installation techniques
  • Project-specific installation requirements
  • System design considerations
  • Toolbox Talks and other roofing safety topics

Training provided by NRCA

  • Roof system design, maintenance or repair
  • CERTA training and other roofing safety topics

Training provided by a consultant

  • Roofing safety topics


Members: $199
Nonmembers: $399

Audit information

NRCA’s policy is to randomly audit a percentage of all Certification Renewal applications, requiring that documentation or verification of all completed hours be provided. This verification may come in the form of written documentation from an employer or training provider along with descriptions of the training received. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged all certified installers and foremen keep records of all training during each three-year cycle.

If you are randomly selected for an audit, you will be notified via email.


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