Eligibility Requirements

The NRCA ProCertified Roofing Foreman certification is system-specific. A qualified applicant must have experience and working knowledge of roof system installation practices and industry-specific safety to recognize when an installer is not following manufacturer’s requirements or is violating a safety regulation.

General eligibility

To be eligible to take a ProCertified Roofing Foreman certification test, you must:

  • Have at least two years of experience as a roofing foreman overseeing installation of the specific roof system in which you want to be designated
  • Or

  • Hold an NRCA ProCertified roof system installer certification in the roof system in which you want to be designated

You also must have your employer verify your skills on the Employer Verification form by confirming you consistently:

  • Respond to safety and quality violations in a timely manner
  • Motivate installers
  • Model professional behavior
  • Demonstrate effective leadership



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