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NRCA ProCertified roof system installers have passed an online exam addressing general roofing knowledge and a roof-system-specific hands-on performance exam where they demonstrated their installation skills while following industry safety standards. Both exams were developed in accordance with rigorous national certification standards to ensure the exams accurately reflect the skills and knowledge required by a professional roof system installer.

NRCA ProCertification offers you:

  • National, professional recognition
  • Independently validated expertise and skills
  • Certifications that stay with you throughout your career
  • Increased employer confidence and value
  • Pride knowing you’re a leading professional in your field

Only experienced workers are eligible for NRCA ProCertification; however, NRCA provides resources to help workers decide whether they are ready to pursue NRCA ProCertification. Although more seasoned workers might think they are ready to take their exams without preparation, NRCA recommends all candidates review NRCA's ProCertification readiness checklists, tutorials and job task analyses in NRCA website’s Preparation Resources section.

Yes. Candidates can access NRCA ProCertification readiness checklists, tutorials and job task analyses in the NRCA website’s NRCA Preparation Resources section.

No. As long as you meet the experience and skills requirements, no specific training is required.

Testing Information

A roofing worker seeking installer certification must schedule his or her hands-on, skills-based performance exam with an NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessor. To find an NRCA Qualified Assessor in your area, visit the NRCA website’s Qualified Assessor Directory.

The online knowledge exam for installers tests their proficiency in general roofing knowledge and can be taken anytime and anywhere, including at home. The hands-on performance exam for installers tests their installation skills and can be taken at any physical location as long as the location meets NRCA's standard testing conditions.

Potential testing locations include a roofing contractor's shop, local manufacturer's training center, local distribution center, local union training facility, vocational school, community college or other type of facility. In addition to these independent testing locations, NRCA also is establishing Authorized Testing Locations that will be listed publicly and searchable by ZIP code on NRCA’s website. All hands-on performance testing activities are scheduled by NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessors. To find a Qualified Assessor in your area, visit NRCA’s Qualified Assessors Directory.

Yes. All information, materials and tests are available in English and Spanish. Additionally, all questions in the online knowledge exams have an “audio delivery” option, where a candidate may click the text to have it read aloud in the language selected when registering. Spanish-speaking ProCertification candidates can also have their hands-on performance exams conducted by an NRCA Qualified Assessor who speaks conversational Spanish.

The online knowledge exam is time-limited; you are allowed up to one hour, but most candidates finish in less than an hour.

The hands-on, skills-based performance exam also is time-limited and takes up to three hours to complete depending on the type of roof system. You should arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled hands-on performance exam time to check-in and complete any needed setup tasks.

Yes; you may retake either the online knowledge exam or the hands-on, skills-based performance exam, if needed. You are given unlimited access to the online knowledge exam upon registration.

The hands-on performance exam may be rescheduled with the same NRCA Qualified Assessor or a different Qualified Assessor. The Qualified Assessor is required to give NRCA a 10-day notice for any scheduled hands-on performance exam.

NRCA advises candidates who fail an exam to review the Job Task Analysis and the tasks listed in the Employer Verification Form to better prepare for the exam retake.

All scores are calculated using standard psychometric practices and results are reported as a pass/fail score.

To gain admission to all NRCA ProCertification testing centers, you must present a valid (unexpired) government issued photo ID such as a driver's license, passport or work authorization card. Failure to supply proper ID at the time of the exam is considered a missed appointment and an additional exam fee may apply.

For both exams, NRCA only will provide general feedback, such as areas of poor performance; not question- or task-specific results.

No, passing the online knowledge exam is an eligibility requirement to take a hands-on, skills-based performance exam.

You must schedule and complete the hands-on performance exam within 12 months of passing the online knowledge exam.

Yes, you will have to retake the online knowledge exam again.


The certification fee includes NRCA staff review of an application per person per discipline plus unlimited access to the related online knowledge exam. The online knowledge exam is available free to members and for a nominable fee for nonmembers.

The certification fee does not include the cost of the hands-on, skills-based performance exam. That cost is determined by the Qualified Assessor conducting the exam. Fees typically range from $0 to $250.

Once you are NRCA ProCertified, the certification is valid for three years, and you will receive an NRCA ProCertification ID card, hardhat decals and digital badge as evidence of certification.

An applicant is assigned unlimited access to the online knowledge exam and can complete the exam as many times as necessary at no additional charge until receiving successful results. NRCA Qualified Assessors set their own retake fees, which may be negotiated between the candidate and the Qualified Assessor; NRCA is not involved with hands-on performance exam fees charged by NRCA Qualified Assessors.

No, the Qualified Assessor fee is not included in the registration fee. Qualified Assessors set their own pricing, which may be negotiated between the candidate and the Qualified Assessor.

The fee is based on an hourly rate set by the Qualified Assessor, plus any travel-related expenses. This fee may change based on the location of the exam and the travel required.

Certification Renewal

Yes, every three years NRCA ProCertified Installers can renew their certifications by completing and documenting a designated number of hours of system-specific work experience along with technical and safety training.

NRCA ProCertified individuals who hold certifications in more than one roof system will need to complete and document system-specific work experience for each certification held. Technical and safety training hours may be used toward the renewal for multiple certifications if the training was completed within three years of earning each certification. A separate renewal fee is required for each certification.

For more information, visit the NRCA Certification Renewal section.


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