Performance Exam Testing Location FAQs

Standard Testing Conditions

ProCertification candidates may take their hands-on performance exams at any physical location as long as the location meets NRCA's standard testing conditions.

Potential locations include a roofing contractor's shop, local manufacturer's training center, local union training facility, vocational school, community college or other type of facility. In addition to these independent testing locations, NRCA also is establishing Authorized Testing Locations that in the future will be listed publicly and searchable by ZIP code on NRCA's website.

An NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessor coordinates with the certification candidate (or his or her authorized representative) to determine the performance exam location and who supplies the tools, equipment and materials.

NRCA ProCertification requires a specific mockup for each roof system to be used during hands-on skills-based performance exams. Performance exam mockup designs are available in the NRCA’s Hands-on Performance Exam Specifications section.

You can find standard testing condition requirements in the Guidelines for Performance Exam Standard Testing Conditions manual.

Creating a safe environment for the exam is the most important requirement. Additionally, it is important the exam is conducted in an area where there will not be interruptions from normal business operations. Access to roofing material waste disposal and providing access to restrooms is needed. Finally, the Qualified Assessor who proctors the exam will need a point of contact to schedule the exam. Having Wi-Fi available to Qualified Assessors is not required but very helpful—it helps them efficiently score the exam and upload it to NRCA’s database.

For additional information, review the Guidelines for Performance Exam Standard Testing Conditions.

All Standard Testing Conditions must be met to ensure fair and equitable testing across the country. If any Standard Testing Conditions are not met, the Qualified Assessor is required to postpone the exam until all conditions have been met.

The point of contact is the company representative who will schedule exam times with the NRCA Qualified Assessor and verify to the Qualified Assessor that Standard Testing Conditions are in place.

The exam can be conducted indoors or outdoors. To be a fair and equitable exam to all, the Standard Testing Conditions require there be daylight or equivalent lighting, no precipitation, wind speeds less than 12mph and a temperature range of 32-90 degrees F.

Authorized Testing Locations

If you have a location you would like to be considered for an NRCA Authorized Testing Location, read the Guidelines for Performance Exam Standard Testing Conditions and fill out the simple online application.

No; your facility does not need to accommodate all roof systems.

Yes; locations that hold performance exams can negotiate fees with local Qualified Assessors for providing their facilities for NRCA ProCertification activities. No fees or portion of fees go to NRCA. NRCA requires that any fees charged must be fair and equitable in your marketplace and consistent for all NRCA Qualified Assessors for whom the testing location provides the same facility use service.

NRCA can supply you with a sample hold harmless agreement you can use to protect your facility. However, being an Authorized Testing Location assumes the risk of having people on your property, and it is expected your location will provide appropriate insurance(s).

Yes; after your facility has been approved as an ATL, NRCA will provide you with information and marketing copy you can use to promote your facility as an ATL.

Yes; NRCA will provide you with a digital icon you can use to promote your location as an Authorized Testing Location.

Yes; you can be listed on NRCA’s website, but you can opt out if your facility would not like to be publicly identified as a location available for exams.


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