Qualified Assessor Renewal

Renewal for a ProCertification Qualified Assessor is required every three years, and though you are responsible for keeping track of the expiration date, NRCA will help keep you on track by contacting you during your three-year cycle.

Renewal Requirements

  • Hold a current Qualified Assessor designation
  • Submit a renewal application with an annual renewal fee
  • Stay current with changes in system technology and best practices in the designated roof system
    • NRCA will notify Qualified Assessors when a significant technical change occurs that requires them to complete additional education related to the change.
  • Stay current with NRCA ProCertification policies and procedures.
    • NRCA will notify Qualified Assessors if they are required to complete additional NRCA education related to the change.
  • Maintain a minimum average performance exam evaluation score from certification candidates

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