NRCA Strategy

The plan

NRCA's strategic plan demonstrates our role in the roofing industry and how we envision our influence regarding the future of roofing. This overview describes NRCA's history, approach and tactics to validate our mission.

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Social responsibility

NRCA values and seeks diversity and inclusive practices within the roofing trades and construction industry. NRCA promotes involvement, innovation and expanded access to membership and leadership opportunities that maximize engagement across identity groups and all professional levels. Identity groups include and are not limited to age, appearance, disability, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, nationality, professional level, race, religion and sexual orientation.

NRCA’s Diversity + Inclusion Committee works to uplift underrepresented groups by providing resources and guidance and collaborating with our members. The committee is intended to diversify NRCA's membership base and help enhance diversity and inclusion for the roofing industry.

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We have also created a Spanish section on our website to provide resources for Spanish-speaking workers and business owners and keep them up to date regarding roofing industry news. Additionally, E-News en español gives Spanish-speaking roofing professionals tools, advice, educational and technical information to help them advance their roofing careers and create and maintain successful businesses.

Annual report

NRCA provides members with the highest-quality information and resources, and NRCA’s 2021-22 Annual Report illustrates our dedication to our members. Learn about NRCA’s activities and accomplishments during the year regarding membership, education, advocacy, initiatives and more to ensure NRCA can help your business continue to thrive.

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